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Augercast Piles

Augercast Piles are concrete piles drilled with a continuous flight auger to the specified depth. Then a high strength fluid grout is pumped through the auger, as the auger is withdrawn.

Reinforcing steel is then inserted in the completed grout column to add bending moment to the pile.

Augercast piles are high in friction and end bearing with minimum cost.

Below are case projects for Augercast Piles:

Drilled Shafts

Drilled shafts are large diameter piles drilled with a high torque machine for very high capacity foundations.

Drilled shafts can be cased as required depending on soil conditions.

Reinforcing steel is placed in the excavated shaft and then concrete is placed by a full depth tremie pipe to fill the shaft. Drilled Shafts are very high capacity and are drilled with various tools including dirt augers, rock augers, core barrels, rock buckets, and clean out buckets.

Below are case projects for Drilled Shafts:

Driven Piles

Driven piles are made of wood or steel and installed using an air or diesel pile hammer.

The pile installation is monitored to determine pile capacity by the soils engineer.

There are many types and capacity of driven piles - from 2 inch diameter pin piles to large H beams and pipe piles.

Driven piles are very versatile and are used to support homes, bridges, and buildings of any size. Capacity is determined during installation so each pile is considered "proven".

Driven piles are economical in the smaller sizes and capacities.

Soldier Pile Shoring

Soldier Pile Shoring consists of multiples piles spaced apart from each other to support a change of elevation. The piles are usually H beams installed in drilled shaft.

After the piles are installed lagging is placed between the H beams to restrain the soil between the piles. Deeper excavations may require tiebacks to be installed at the piles for additional soil support.

Soldier Pile Shoring is very versatile because the size of the piles and the spacing between them can be adjusted to site soil conditions. In many cases , this is the most economical method of site shoring.

Below are case projects for Solider Pile Shoring:

Sheet Piles

Sheet Piles are interlocking steel sections that are driven in the ground to support excavations or soil removal. Since the sheets make a continuous steel wall, they are most useful to stop water infiltration, loose soil infiltration, and migration of soils. Sheet piles are manufactured in many shapes and thicknesses for use in all situations , from lightweight residential shoring to high capacity commercial structures. The Sheet Piles can be coated for corrosion protection to add a longer life under severe conditions.

Sheet Piles are installed with Vibratory hammers and impact hammers depending on the soil conditions at the site.

Sheet Piles can be used for temporary shoring, removed and reused.

Below are case projects for Sheet Piles:


ADSC International Association of Foundation Drilling
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